Wednesday, May 14, 2008

1995 Taiwan Pavilion at Venice

In 1995, Taiwan inaugurated its pavilion at the Venice Biennale. A jury which included Wolfgang Becker, Francoise Chatel, Lee Chjarng-jiunn, Lee Ming-ming, and Enrico Pedrini selected five artists who best exemplified contemporary Taiwan: Hou Chun-ming, Huang Chih-yang, Huang Chin-ho, Lien Te-ching and Wu Mali.

Hou Chun-ming: Combining traditional Chinese woodblock technique with sexually explicit images, Hou satirically commented on society’s hypocrisies and perversions.

Huang Chih-yang: Gestural ink painting on rice paper scrolls of human figures evoke primal energy and connect tradition with exploration.

Huang Chin-ho: In Ho’s brightly colored oil paintings, equal weight is given to the stream of imagery from folk culture, Buddhism, Taoism and to the gaudiness of pop culture.

Lien Te-ching: Witty Chinese phrases juxtaposed with paintings of landscapes, consumer goods, or political images reflected on the condition of openness finally available to Taiwanese artists.

Wu Mali: Wu’s cerebral installation “Library” contained shredded western canonical texts in glass jars on shelves.

The images show Wu Mali's shredded texts and one of Hou Chun-ming's woodcuts.

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Anonymous said...

should show all five artists' work and Taipei Fine Arts Museum should pose more info.