Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2003 Taiwan Pavilion at Venice

Alumni artist from the 2001 Venice exhibition, Lin Shu-min curated the Limbo Zone with four artists. Only one of the artists lives and works in Taiwan, and which made Lin’s position interesting: who best can represent Taiwan? Artists living abroad or locally?

Daniel Lee exhibited 108 Windows based on Han Shan’s Temple tolling of the bells to communicate with the Buddhist underworld. His digital composites of humans and animal faces were projected at the toll of a bell to refer to reincarnation.

Yuan Goang-ming showed digitally manipulated images of Taipei’s busy urban streets erased of humans and vehicles in his City Disqualified series.

Cheang Shu-lea imagined a futuristic world where the currency was garlic and everything could be tracked on the Internet; thus her installation included on-line computers and piles of garlic.

Lee Ming-wei presented his sleeping project in which one invited guest could spend the night with him in the space of the prigione. Two beds on rollers could be moved to enhance the closeness or distance of the intimacy that took place.

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