Sunday, May 18, 2008

1997 Taiwan Pavilion at Venice

The Selection committee for the 1997 Taiwan Pavilion was Fumio Nanjo, Hsiao Chin, Huang Hai-Ming and Lu Ching-Fu and they chose five artists for the theme “Facing Faces” to show the various faces of Taiwan society from the struggles with political identity to rapid commercialization to the deep traditions of Eastern spiritual thought.

Wu Tien-chang
Wu’s combination of painting and photography with gaudy frames spoke about Taiwan’s post-martial law identity and its repressed issues finally becoming spoken.

Yao Jui-chung
Completing his compulsory military service the previous year, Yao exhibited drawings and photos that spoke about dominance, territory and military might.

Wang Jun-jieh
Wang’s virtual travel agency which included a website, digital photos, advertisements and testimonials was an ironic commentary on the rapid commercialization of life in Taiwan.

Lee Ming-tse
Lee’s figurative paintings of Buddha faces and elements from traditional Chinese paintings linked the past with the present and created a contemplative space.

Chen Chien-pei
Chen’s lotus installation and other imagery and materials from Buddhist practice allowed a meditative place in the middle of a busy art exhibition.

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